Eagle Christian College

  • strives to develop learners academically, emotionally and spiritually to the optimum of their talents and abilities,
  • endeavours to inculcate in learners respect for people with diverse views and backgrounds and display the love of Christ through their various abilities and talents,
  • provides quality education that compares favourably with relevant national and international requirements and standards.
  • aims at having classroom ratio of 25 learners per staff member.




The School currently operates without a bond or overdraft and it receives no financial backing, apart from occasional donations. We are not a burden to the taxpayers as we do not receive a subsidy from the Department of Education. Eagle Christian College is working with the North West Department of Education.


Eagle Christian College was founded in 2009 by a group of dedicated teachers who wanted to make a difference to black education in Madibeng, BRITS, North West. We welcome intelligent and hardworking learners, whilst we are a Beacon of Hope for a large number of “broken children”.

“Teaching Towards Abundant Life”

Vision and Mission

  • The school is based on Biblical principles without being bound dogmatically to a Church denomination.
  • We will strive to motivate our learners through our abilities and by the force of our example.
  • Our aspiration is for our learners to become morally strong and to establish in them a clear Christian world view.
  • We guide them to achieve their optimum/highest academic results according to their talents.
  • We strive to prepare them to live their lives to their fullest and to contribute abundantly towards the lives of others.

Eleven dedicated likeminded teachers established Eagle Christian College in 2009 guided by faith.

  • The teachers were known and supported by the local Brits section of the Education Department and Eagle Christian College was registered as an Independent School in the First Year.
  • Registration number:   EMIS  600105253
  • We were also registered in 2009 as a Grade 12 Examination Centre
  • We accept all learners applying with a valid report.
  •  We often accept learners for Gr.12 that were promoted in Grade 11 and have been requested to find other schools for various reasons for example behavioural problems and dubious academic results.

Our history

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We have a passion to help children who are traumatised by a lot of different factors. Through the Beacon of Hope  project we support them to overcome challenges and by doing so we give them an opportunity to succeed in life.

News & Announcements

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