School uniform

Uniform is by definition “the distinctive dress worn by members of the same body.”

Students must wear the full and correct uniform at all times. School uniform is to be worn proudly, never varying in time or place. Uniform and shoes must always be clean and neat. Shirts tucked in. Girls who wear skirts must make sure they are the right length (on the knee).

Formal uniform should be worn on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Informal uniform should be worn on Tuesday.

Fridays it is by choice formal or informal – but never mixed uniform.

Formal uniform

  • Grey flannel trousers (boys and girls)
  • Grey flannel skirts allowed (girls)
  • Navy-blue or grey or white socks (no secret or ankle socks allowed)
  • Sky-blue shirts (long or short sleeves)
  • Black school shoes
  • Official school Navy jersey or pullover with yellow stripes
  • Official tie
  • Plain royal-blue or navy caps
  • Designed school jacket
  • Royal-blue Dri-Mac (not navy)
  • Royal blue or navy beanie (winter)

Informal Uniform

  • Royal-blue golf shirt with school logo
  • Plain navy-blue track pants
  • Tekkies: the majority of the tekkie must be: Plain black, navy-blue or white
    The school management maintains the right to decide whether the tekkies are acceptable.
  • Navy-blue or white socks (no secret or ankle socks allowed)

School bags (regulation model)

  • Brief cases, backpacks in leather or canvas in dark or neutral colours.
  • School bags should offer proper support to the books with dividers.
  • No graffiti or inappropriate decorations of any kind are permitted on any bags.
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