Beacon of Hope

We regard our “Beacon of Hope” program, with its focus on remedial teaching, counseling and therapy, as our contribution towards the United Nations Millennium Goal to help eradicate poverty and hunger. To realize our vision and mission, we have launched the Beacon of Hope program as the vehicle to provide the necessary counseling, therapy and support to our needful learners.

This project is implemented additionally to the normal teaching in the school. The “Beacon of Hope” program has been conceived due to the learners failing to obtain a matric certificate which causes them to be permanently impoverished.  These learners become a liability to the whole community for the rest of their lives. Our past successes with learners, who fall into the “broken learner” category, have convinced us that many of our learners can achieve their full academic potential if we can support them with the necessary professional help.

Our school is often the last resort for learners that other schools have given up on.

With every learner that this goal is realized, the entire community benefits for the rest of that learner’s productive lifetime.

Although most of our parents can afford the school fees, long term remedial therapy and/or counselling, which becomes necessary when a child is only diagnosed at high school level, can accumulate to amounts that these parents can seldom afford.

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Eagle Christian College Beacon of Hope

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