According to the School’s constitution the teachers and like-minded directors own the School for the sake of ensuring that it remains true to its original purpose and its intended role. The School promotes Christian values but is not a denominational or church school, and enrolls all learners who accept its ethos and disciplinary code.

General School Information

Registration of new learners

Learners report to the office with their completed registration forms. The forms are obtainable at the School or can be downloaded from the School website.

The registration form must be accompanied with the latest progress report, a transfer letter, and a verifiable copy of the ID document as well as any citations of achievements that the learner wants to bring to the School’s attention.

Learners who want to register early may do so using e-mail. Right of admission is reserved by the school management, pending the payment of the entry fees.

Learners leaving the School

The Principal will interview the learner to establish the reasons for leaving the School.

All text books must be returned to the subject teachers. Proof that all text books have been handed in must be submitted to the Administrative Officer who will then arrange for a transfer letter.

School Attendance

Learners must be at school when the first bell rings and must attend the register period. Late comers will be debited and repeated late coming will be dealt with through the disciplinary system.

Assembly on Mondays is compulsory.

Parent meetings

Parent meetings will be held in the Afternoon and Evening and all parents are expected to attend. The dates for parent meetings will be  communicated to parents by means of a letter handed to the learners. Reminder can be sent on WhatsApp, if registered for it, at the school.


The parents must inform the School early in the morning if a learner is to be absent on the day. On the first day at school after being absent a letter written by the parents must be handed in explaining the reasons for being absent. A medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner is required in all cases where a learner is absent due to medical reasons. A medical certificate is required for any absenteeism during a scheduled test or examination. Absenteeism is recorded on reports and testimonials.

Tuck Shop

A tuck shop is made available by private entrepreneurs. The tuck shop will be open during breaks only and no selling is allowed outside of the breaks.

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