Who we are:

  • Independent High school: Grade 8 –12

  • Eagle Christian College (ECC), is open to any learner adhering to the ethos

  • We focus on: Remedial therapy and Counselling

  • ECC receives no external funding except occasional donations

  • ECC is a Public Benefit Organisation

  • ECC is 10 years in existence; financially  stable due to strict management of budget



  • We strive to motivate through our abilities and force of our example

  • Every learner is a gift and we provide holistic education



  • Due to the  problematic background of various learners we enroll, we regard our pass rate of over 90% as exceptional

  • Successes in sport and other extramural activities

  • We have various success stories that we are proud of


Examples of our successes

  • A Sepedi speaker from a remote rural area in Limpopo enrolled with us for her Gr.10 year.  She had not attended school regularly for 3 years could not speak English and Afrikaans. She gave birth to a baby at the end of Gr.10. She passed Gr.12, in 2012 being condoned for Afrikaans.

  • In 2018 we took 10 new Gr.12 learners, 6 who had been asked to leave their previous school for non-academic performance; they all graduated Gr.12 at the end of that academic year.



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